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Wheelchair Lifts Help Free You From Mobility Barriers

Wheelchair lifts are the best options that will help free you from mobility barriers. Physical disability and old age are factors that contribute to lack of mobility. Without a wheel chair lift, most of the aged and the physically challenged will have to depend on caretakers to reach the different floors of their house or office for their basic needs. The presence of caretakers constantly at one's side is an intrusion into individual privacy. Therefore, physically disabled people consider wheelchair lifts a real blessing.

Nowadays you can purchase different models of wheel chair lifts with a variety of value added features depending on the needs of the users. As the manner of using the lift differs in residential and commercial buildings, different models are available for residential and commercial purposes.

Wheelchair stair lifts are commonly used in residences where there are old or disabled family members. As there are houses with straight and curved stairways, straight stair lifts and curved stair lifts are available in the market. Most of these stair lifts are provided with safety measures to ensure the safety and comfort of the users. Some stair lift models are provided with obstruction sensors. These sensors detect obstructions on the path of the lift and avoid damages. Most of these stair lifts are provided with rechargeable batteries. Therefore these lifts can be used even at the time of power failures. Hydraulic wheelchair lifts are also available in the market. Hydraulic lifts are more expensive than electric lifts.

Vertical platform lifts are used to move along a straight stairway. These lifts normally have a lifting capacity of 750 lb or 340 kg and are available in different colors to suit the interiors of homes and workplaces. Most of the reputable vertical platform lift manufacturers provide 1-2 year warranty for the main parts of the lift.

Automobile wheelchair lifts are helpful for physically challenged persons to get in and out of vehicles without much effort. There are many branded companies such as Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord who provide quality vertical lifts. These companies have dealers in major locations of the country. The dealers are provided with qualified technicians to offer quality wheel chair lift installation and maintenance services for the lifts.

About the author: At DAY, we focus on eliminating several accessibility challenges you face at home and in your business premises, with the help of premium products such as platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and so on. We have an extensive range of Inclined and vertical platform lifts.


Frequently Asked Questions

    who has heard of the Free Wheelchair Mission?
    i go to Orange Lutheran high school and for our senior project, we are doing a free wheelchair mission contest (free wheelchair mission gives out cost efficient wheel chairs to disabled people in third world countries). the class that raises the most money is supposed to get a cool prize. we want to raise enough money to send a full shipping thing out. each wheel is only a donation of 13 bucks, can you please look at this link and let me know of some ways i can get more people to donate? we only have 2 weeks left and right now were losing

    • ANSWER:

    How are disabled persons treated?
    How are disabled persons treated in Korea? Is getting around in Seoul with wheelchair easy?
    How about the barrier-free facilities and transportation for disabled people? Do you see often the people using wheelchair in the street as much as western countries?
    Is Korea friendly country for the disabled people?
    Thx AxisofOddity. However, I wonder why I didn't see many wheelchairs in the street in Seoul.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not certian on this one, but I have noticed that Korea doesn't seem as accessible as Canada to people with disabilites. Canada doesn't do a very good job either come to think of it.

      Many buildings in Korea (lower ones) don't have elevators. I never noticed buses for disabled people here. But I don't live in Seoul, I live in Jeju. I rarely see people in wheelchairs here, or at least not people commuting without a companion.

    Why do people feel free to ask personal questions of tall people?
    I mean, how often do you feel free to walk up to a fat person and say, "wow! You're really fat!! How fat are you?" Or how about people in wheelchairs? Do you ask them how disabled they are? or short people? or ugly people? or blind people? And would it be ok for me to respond with, "Wow! You are really rude? Just how Rude are you"....or should that be "Just how socially inept are you?"
    For years I found it kind of fun, like an instant ice breaker, but lately I've just gotten tired to death of it. It seems like people are so hung up on what makes someone different that they forget that we're all the same inside, some days insecure, others walking on air, and most of the in between days just doing life. So, is it acutally meant as a compliment? Like telling someone you think they're really pretty?

    • ANSWER:
      i don't know but when they ask did you play basketball tell them no did you play miniature golf? it worked for me

    what do you think of the condem cuts for jobless disabled?
    The ConDems caused outrage yesterday by secretly cutting funding for the disabled to get free walking sticks, wheelchairs and hearing aids.
    New Department of Work and Pensions rules mean disabled people seeking work will not be able to get the equipment paid for by the state.

    • ANSWER:
      It's like all these cuts Mac. It all sounds okay until it affects people personally, or their loved ones. It's the 1st I heard of this, but I should think it could affect millions of people and actually not save very much money in the long run. It will only succeed in making more people's life miserable. I know we're skint, but we should at least try to ensure that basic things like walking sticks, wheelchairs and hearing aids should be made both freely and widely available to those that need them.

      Those bloody bankers and rich fat cat tax dodgers, it's about time they were made to pay something back, then these cuts might not be needed.

    Questions for transabled people (people who want to be in a wheelchair, be in crutches, etc)?
    Read a bit about BIID (Body Identity Integration Disorder) and being "transabled". Roughly, it means that you would prefer to be paralyzed, to lose a limb, or to be disabled in some way rather than be nondisabled. With BIID your body feels out of whack unless a limb is missing (could be a perceptual or orientation problem). It may cause you to, for example - use a wheelchair even if you can walk.

    Here are some questions to the transabled community (non-transabled people feel free to chime in):

    1. How were you able to transition from being privately transabled to openly? In other words, if your community knows you don't use a wheelchair, how did you explain suddenly using one?

    2. What do you tell people if they ask why you are using the disability device?

    3. Have you ever feared being "discovered" or had any close calls in which you were almost "discovered"?

    4. How do people without BIID react when you tell them you have BIID?

    5. I've noticed that there is a site where people with BIID interact, and it also mentions "wannabes". What is a "wannabe"?

    6. What kinds of disability equipment has been used historically or anecdotally in BIID? Have there been any particular humorous incidents or mishaps concerning the use or attempted use of a particular disability device?

    7. Have you ever felt uncomfortable when someone asks you why you are using the disability device (ie, sitting in a wheelchair in an airport and getting trapped into a conversation)

    8. What is having BIID like? What is having a condition similar to BIID like? (This is a broad question but ok, I have a perception of what it must be like based on reading.....Is it a feeling of intense discomfort or misalignment or something else?)

    9. Do you find any disability devices preferable to others, in terms of comfort, convenience, etc?

    10. In BIID (and conditions similar to it), could there be a psychological origin, in addition to a possible biochemical cause (ex. desire to be taken care of)?

    11. In BIID, is part of the draw in using a disabled device having "others" believe you are disabled?

    The reason this question is for the non-transabled also is curious as to the general perception. For example, I can only guess what a person with BIID has to go through on a daily basis - I don't know how likely it is that someone with BIID will read this question, so it is a free for all

    • ANSWER:
      1. I came out by just sneaking it into conversations with friends and family.
      2. I normally lie, when people ask. Tell them it's a minor situation, but it just keeps happening.
      3. No. I'm not sure what being "discovered" means.
      4. They normally react with shock. They sometimes judge me because i've always wanted to be deaf, and people think that would be horrible to do to myself.
      5. A wannabe is exactly what BIID is, it's people who arent disabled, who want to be.
      6. I never even knew there was a history, I actually didnt even know it was a disorder, i thought i was just weird.
      7. I do feel uncomfortable. They way they act makes me feel like i'm out of order, like it's not my place to be in a wheelchair if i'm not handicapped.
      8. It's always unsatisfying. It feels like, until you are disabled, you will never be satisfied. And i am disaboled in many ways, I have a couple of weird diseases, but i'm not satisfied untill i can say "i'm deaf" or, "i cant use my legs" and people dont ask, what does that mean?
      9. I'd rather be deaf, than blind. Or Paralyzed. Or Cancer.
      10. Now that you mention it, my mother is a nurse, and She always was the type to say "suck it up", so i'm sure it is phsycological that i want to be disabled.
      11. Yes. It's still not satisfying if people know you're "faking it". It feels better if people actually believe you're disabled.

      I'm Kelsey Helland, i'm 15 years old. Thank you so much for asking this question.

    movie theatres and people who are disabled?
    there is a movie theatre in provo utah that will let you in for free if your in a wheel chair and the person who cam with you to push you around can get in for free to so that theatre is winsong at the river bottems in provo near the canyon entrance and they do that but my mom can't go to from from home because she can't go to the bathroom by her self and i cant take her because i'm her son but i tried to talk to the manager in the cinemark theatre closer to us but he said that they don't do that because it descreminates against people who arn't in wheelchairs i mean do you think my mom likes being disabled not being able to do anything by herself but like i want to fight with the manager so bad and make him let us then i asked why can you sell senior discounts isn't that discremanating against people who are younger that 55 how do i deal with this it really ticks me off please help thanks
    the reasons she is disabled is because she had a stroke last year
    no there is a theatre that is like an hour away from where we live and they let in people who are in wheelchairs for free because they don't take up a seat and there nice but the cinemark theatre near our house doesn't because they have chairs where the arm rest lift up so that they can get in them but they also said that letting in people for free is discremanation agianst people who can walk and i think that is just wrong i need to get enough information about this to make a story for school that might get pulished on the news if i do good enough

    • ANSWER:
      All they have to provide is accessibility to the theater and the facilities. They're not under any obligation to let her in for free or at a discounted rate. Many places give senior discounts, but there is absolutely no obligation to do so, it's just a courtesy they extend. Generally speaking, most people with a disability don't want to be treated any differently. I know I don't. I don't want anyone giving me a free ride just because of my situation, make your business accessible to me and I'll pay my way just like everyone else, thank you!

    Are we too critical to people on Benefit's? Disabled/Mentally Health/Lone Parent's...?
    Hi there,

    Do you think people in general are too loosed tongued with accusing people of being 'Scrounger's when often it is the WRONG people who are called this. I am NOT talking about the middle aged man who claims he is WheelChair bound and then his neighbours see him taking daily jogs or Chav degenerates who spend all of their Benefit on Weed and Lager and the GirlFriend purposly get's pregnant to get a free Council House and all of the "bonuses" that go with having a Child such as Child Benefit/Child Tax Credit/Income Support Couple Rate/Income support Family Element/Income Support Dependant Child Element, etc..

    Yes, those people really DON'T deserve ANYTHING and need to be kicked into touch and by 2013 they WILL be after new reviews and reassessments. They are true British Dole Fodder. But I am talking about the GENUINE claimants such as myself who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. At one point I questioned myself (hence my frequent posts) and people helped me realise that yes I SHOULDN'T feel guilty about being on Benefit's. I think the reason why I posted so often about the same old thing was because I sought acceptance. I hope the people who flamed or "warned" (as though they are some sort of Yahoo Answer's Moderator of which they are NOT, LOL!) me read this.

    So for those who have the opportunity to be on Benefit's (genuine) say if they have Mental Health Problems or a Disability. What is the point? Ok you may argue that they want the social interaction or to feel worthwhile but they could do some voluntary work which is FAR more worthwhile as you are helping others out of the good of your heart.

    People slog their guts out in 8 hours shifts every day to get LESS than a Grand.. AND they have to pay FULL rent. Yet the majority of people on Benefit's are on FULL Housing and Council Tax Benefit. Remember, you only need to qualify for 1p of Income Support (and I actually know someone who was silly enough to declare that they happen to have over £6K in the Bank and it turns out they were eligble for just 10p of Income Support *Per Week* that was actually paid into their account.. YES! ***TEN PENCE*** but they got free Dental/Prescriptions/Eye Tests/Glasses Voucher, etc..).

    People who work have to pay around £300.00 *Per Month* if they live in a Council Property or MORE if they Private Rent. Literally almost 2/3 or their wage could be spent on Rent with about £6.00 Qualifying Assistance in Housing Benefit *Per Week*. which leaves them around £225 to spend on EVERYTHING else such as Food/Water/Gas (No not PETROL for you silly Americans)/Electric/T.V Licence, etc.. Just the basics that most people have. No wonder people scrape the barrel doing 'Cash-In'Hand' menial work for a few measily quid and run the risk of being caught as they haven't declared it.

    New Mum's. They are going to be tired ENOUGH as it is when Baby arrives So WHY make thems-selves even MORE tired by getting a job. (Element).
    People are generally bitter and twisted at the fact that some people get nearly a Grand on Benefit's when they have to go out and work for less than that. Fact is Disabled/Mental Health/Lone Parents DESERVE to be on Benefits.

    It doesn't matter if you have paid Taxes or not because it is designed as a 'Safety Net' for those in hard times. How can say a statistical 18 year old, Lone Parent, New Mum possibly have contributed many years of Taxes and paid their due in order to generally be "accepted" by people if the New Mum receive's Benefit's. Answer is simple. They cannot. So why do people complain about it?

    Also is the fact that they seem to have less sympathy for the Disabled and Mentally ill than Single Mother's. Really.. It is basically about Common sense. How can a Single Mother or Lone Parent possibly work a full time job. For a start a new Mum needs to BE with that Baby to bond, feed it, change it, etc.. If this is done by a Baby Sitter or Child Care Provider then Baby will get used to someone else OTHER than it's Mum. Secondly. You only qualify for a CERTAIN amount of hours via Council Child Care Providers. A new Mum cannot work for 35 hours a week. Do people expect Baby to look after it's self? Why should Baby be played 'Pass The Parcel' with and dumped onFriends/Aunts/Cousins/GrantParent's, etc..

    It is claimed that if you can pick up a bag of potatoes then you can be a Shelf Stacker. If you can pick up a pen and write a paragraph ten you can work in Admin. I know not of if this is true but what I believe is that claimants with severe and certified conditions will be looked upon less harshly than those with the old unproven favourite... "Back Pain".

    What do we think? Thanks in advance..

    Lin. xXx
    ~Edit~ - To: [Limabean] - Good point made. Thank you. I think the Goverment will start to sift through the real Scrounger's and the Genuine Claimants.

    ~Edit~ - To [Nutty Looney] - Sorry but I disagree. Medications only control symptoms they are not a CURE-ALL! Put it this way, I have Schizophrenia and the last job I worked in I attacked with a pair or Scissors because I wasn't stabilised. If you want people (like your Yahoo name) in jobs like that then YOU are not all there. Not ALL people with a Mental Health Condition are " as hell". The truth is people have different capacity limit's.

    ~Edit~ - To: [john ross] - Oh you are one of those that don't contribute, you just post to get your 2 points. How cute.
    ~Edit~ - To [Nutty Looney] - Er my dear in the U.K we have different spellings and pronounciations. ERGO it **IS** "Stabilised" here and NOT "Stabilized" or are you not bright enough to know that? You are clearly one of those IDIOTS who think that people with Mental Illness are "Faking" it or "Seeking Attention" or something alone those RIDICULOUS lines. Ok my lovely. YOU think that in your own small mind. I will say no more. I hope ALL the people on Yahoo with a MENTAL ILLNESS read your gelastic and very much dim-witted response. I rest my case. and F.Y.I... I do have the marority of the "Symptoms" you described. You SO really do make yourself sound imbecilic. Have a nice day. ;)
    ~Edit~ - To [Nutty Looney] - And for the record. Schizophrenia CANNOT be cured. Only controlled. Those with Family/Relatives with history of the same illness increases your chances of the Schizophrenia being passed down and then the medication having even LESS effect than somebody who has developed Schizophrenia via a trauma in their younger life. You know NOT of what you speak. :)

    ~Edit~ - To [Nutty Looney] - High IQ? Yeah ok. ROFL! You are not even good at Grammar, have NO grasp of the difference between "American English" and "PROPER English" from the country it was founded in some thousand years BEFORE the U.S.A existed. You don't start sentences with capitals or say "Yahoo" when instead you say "yahoo". Oh is diddums going to do an "Edit" now so you don't look like such an ignoramus???

    Exerpt of your silly response...

    "my yahoo name is to throw you ok yea but alot have HIGH IQ"

    "everyone has different opinions I would think someone that is two working legs of their own should work so does Schizophrenia paralyzes you from hip down?? NOOOO"

    OH and you don't use punctuation EITHER.

    • ANSWER:
      I am severely physically disabled. I have a psychotic mental health issue. am a lone parent and I work.

      I cannot understand why you are so concerned about working, it is possible- 70% of german people with schizophrenia work.

      Getting advice off the internet about benefits, if it is not directly from a recognised advice service or government agency, is at best foolish as often th wrong information is given out, and at worst risks filling you with such fear you will through your life away without even trying.

      DLA is available whilst you work, if your illness is genuine and proveable.

      tax credits are easy to access with many benefit run ons.

      Constantly associating the word scrounger with benefits claimants is intensely negative, will lead to you believing it and increase stigma to other people on benefits.

      I am concerned the sheer number of times you post stuff for yourself or to others with this concern, or simply giving out wrong info is an obsession, and you seem to do it for self gratification. Perhaps you may benefit from taking a college course or doing voluntary work a the CAB where you could actually learn some facts and realise you can be capable of work, and finally get away from the idea you are a scrounger.

    Fallen for someone who is wheelchair bound?
    Cutting a long story short;

    Basically in my free time I help out at a centre where disabled people from the ages of 13-19 hang out and volunteers (such as myself) spend time with them etc.

    I've been helping out there for around 7 months now and have fallen for someone. He is a year older than myself and everything about him is perfect except he is in a wheelchair. He's incredibly smart, has a lively personality, just that a stupid accident when he was younger has caused him to live his life out this way.
    I feel so awful saying it like that. I really want to be with him, we have grown so unbelievably close and we look forward to seeing each other every week. Its just I cant see how we can be a 'normal' couple. I haven't really spoken to anyone about it because I genuinely do feel horrible for even thinking this way.

    I've considered telling him how I feel but how can I say tell him the honest truth that I'm so selfish and can't see past the fact that he is wheelchair bound.

    Should I tell him? I'm contemplating leaving the centre so I won't have to face it but the idea of not seeing him anymore is difficult for me.

    Please don't attack me. I already know my way of thinking is selfish I just need some advice on what to do

    • ANSWER:
      I love this, I think its a wonderful idea to be with him, you guys seem to like being together and theirs nothing wrong with that.. accidents happen, put yourself in his position for a second and ask yourself this; If you were in a wheelchair wouldn't you still want to date or find love? do you not deserve a love life even if you cant walk?

      I think you're a wonderful person if you just continue with it, and tellhim how you feel about him, its worth a try, no ones tlaking about marriage but heck, what have you got to lose?

    Falling for someone who is wheelchair bound?
    I've asked this before but didn't get any good replies :(

    Cutting a long story short;

    Basically in my free time I help out at a centre where disabled people from the ages of 13-19 hang out and volunteers (such as myself) spend time with them etc.

    I've been helping out there for around 7 months now and have fallen for someone. He is a year older than myself and everything about him is perfect except he is in a wheelchair. He's incredibly smart, has a lively personality, just that a stupid accident when he was younger has caused him to live his life out this way.
    I feel so awful saying it like that. I really want to be with him, we have grown so unbelievably close and we look forward to seeing each other every week. Its just I cant see how we can be a 'normal' couple. I haven't really spoken to anyone about it because I genuinely do feel horrible for even thinking this way.

    I've considered telling him how I feel but how can I say tell him the honest truth that I'm so selfish and can't see past the fact that he is wheelchair bound.

    Should I tell him? I'm contemplating leaving the centre so I won't have to face it but the idea of not seeing him anymore is difficult for me.

    Please don't attack me. I already know my way of thinking is selfish I just need some advice on what to do

    • ANSWER:
      People in wheelchairs have the same feelings as everyone else.
      They have to live life a little differently, and the reason they are in the wheelchair make a difference. You said accident, so I'm thinking spinal cord injury. If that is the case, or whatever the case is,
      you need to do some reading on line about his situation, before you declare yourself, if you decide to do that. There are yahoo and other message board groups where you can ask questions of others in chairs and find out more about what life is like with a wheelie.

      Don't just disappear from his life, that will hurt him more than the average guy. Not that many girls take a chance on a guy in a wheelchair.

    Why Would A "Person Without Disabilities" Be Jealous Of "Disabled PWDs"?
    The reason why I am asking because I seen an posted response which is this: "I have seen non-disabled people being jealous of disabled people. That's more common than you might think.".

    The only reasons I can come up with are these:

    1. Parking in Handicapped Parking Spaces.
    2. Getting SSI/SSDI which means that a PWD is not forced to work for a living.
    3. Getting Medicaid/Medicare which means that a PWD get free health care.
    4. Getting "free and/or discounted admission passes" at various places.
    5. Getting a "free college education" due to being a PWD.
    6. Using Manual Wheelchairs, Electric Power-Chairs, and Electric Power-Scooters which means a PWD does not walks but always rides in their mobility assistive device to where the PWD wants to go.
    7. Getting PWD VIP Treatment at airports in terms of going straight through the security checkpoint in a wheelchair without having to wait in line and being allowed to board first on planes.
    8. PWD Cut-In-Line Privileges at various places.

    The question that I am asking is this:

    Why would "Non-PWDs" (Outsiders) be jealous of "Disabled PWDs"?

    Please give reasons.

    Thank you.
    *Both me and my only child are SSA Registered-Certified Disabled PWDs.* I am also a Registered Member of the Ectodermal Dysplasias International Registry.*

    *Wowasakeikcup!* --- *PWDRHIP*
    To Hihihi: To answer your question, the maximum Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly payment for 2010 is 4 for a qualified single PWD and ,011 for a qualified married PWD that has an eligible spouse. If a PWD lives in a HUD subsidized apartment/housing or lives in a section 8 apartment/housing and get food stamps, or lives with a roommate, then the PWD's financial situation will be fine. If a PWD is on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), the SSDI monthly payment will be bigger. The SSA financial rules for SSDI is better than the SSA financial rules for SSI.
    To Susan: Where I live, I have 12 free doctor Medicaid visits per year, free inpatient hospital Medicaid coverage for 20 days, limited free Dental Medicaid services (1 free Dental Medicaid visit monthly), and 3 free monthly medicine Medicaid prescriptions. My only child gets SSI and SSDI including Medicaid and Medicare. My child's Medicare premiums is being by the state. There was a poster on the PWD board that mentioned that they knew of a local college that had a program that would pay for tuition and books if the person was a legitimate Disabled PWD.
    ***CORRECTION: My child's Medicare premiums is being paid by the state.***
    To Hihihi: You are quite mistaken that PWDs do not get discounts. For example: The U.S. National Park System (NPS) does offer discounted fees for Disabled PWDs for park entry, camping, and various other activities. I received free admission to the local county fair because I have a permanent Handicapped Parking state permit for my automobile.
    To James Alex: Where I live at, there is a free health clinic for low income people. I do have an automobile with a Scooter Powerlift attached so I can transport my electric scooter wherever I go. I have a permanent Handicapped Parking state permit. Originally I was not a wheelchair user when I got my Handicapped Parking state permit 22 years ago due to my deformed feet and deformed ankles. I am now forced to use mobility assistive devices. I have used PWD Cut-In-Line Privileges (Pulling PWD Rank) (Disabilities Perks) at airport security checkpoints and I have been forced to use PWD Cut-In-Line Privileges (Pulling PWD Rank) (Disabilities Perks) elsewhere at public places several times.
    To James Alex: I have LEGITIMATE physical mobility issues which has FORCED me to buy a manual wheelchair and a 4-wheel electric scooter and a scooter power-lift for my motor vehicle. I have SEVERE chronic pain in the lower part of my body which has greatly affected my ability to walk and to stand for long periods of time. I also have deformed ankles and deformed feet. Due to LEGITIMATE physical mobility issues, my body IS FORCING me to use assisted mobility devices (wheelchair, power-chair, electric scooter). I have NO CHOICE but to use assisted mobility devices (wheelchair, power-chair, electric scooter). The reason why I call "PWD Cut-In-Line Privileges" the term "Pulling PWD Rank" is due to the fact that there are "Disability Perks" (Disabilities Accommodations) that are ONLY available to PWDs and NOT available to people without Disabilities. (For example: if a person is in the Army, there are privileges available to an Army Sergeant and NOT to an Army Private.)
    To James Alex: Whenever I "Pull PWD Rank", I am making use of "Disability Perks" (Disabilities Accommodations) that are ONLY available to PWDs and NOT available to people without Disabilities. "Pulling PWD Rank" has NOTHING to do about me thinking that I am above people without Disabilities. "Pulling PWD Rank" has EVERYTHING to do with me making use of "Disability Perks" (Disabilities Accommodations) wherever they are offered and when it is NEEDED AND NECESSARY for me to use such "Disability Perks" (Disabilities Accommodations).
    To James Alex: The acronym
    "PWDRHIP" means "Person With Disabilities Rank Has Its Privileges" The acronym "PWDRHIP" serves to remind me that I have the LEGAL-MEDICAL label of "Person With Disabilities" (PWD) and that "Disability Perks" (Disabilities Accommodations) are available to me to use whenever they are offered and and when it is NEEDED AND NECESSARY for me to use such "Disability Perks" (Disabilities Accommodations).
    To James Alex: I am an Adult Survivor of extreme Teasing and extreme Bullying (Peer Abuse) and various other types of abuses up to this present date. All of this led to lifelong emotional and lifelong psychological problems including chronic low self-esteem issues and Psychogenic Amnesia (Dissociative Amnesia) and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) due to various types of vicious abuse that I have experienced from Non-PWDs (Outsiders). All of this led to my self esteem being completely shattered and also led me to attempt bullycide (suicide) when I was in my early 20's. The reason why I have "KING" as part of my screen name is to see myself as "Royalty" and to see myself as a "King" and to imagine myself in wearing a "Royal Monarch's Crown". All of this is to help me gain good self esteem, and to give myself positive self-affirmation.
    To James Alex: My screen ame "KING" serves as a reminder to myself that it is extremely important to have good self esteem about myself and to have confidence in myself and that it is my God-given right to be treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy from other persons that I meet in life and that I also need to take control and make my own life happen.
    To fodaddy19: Even though I do "Pull PWD Rank" when it is NEEDED AND NECESSARY, that does not force me to give up the right of being a NORMAL person because I am still a NORMAL person who just so happen to have Disabilities.
    To fodaddy19: Trust me, if you had SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN in the lower part of your body which has GREATLY AFFECTED your ability to walk and to stand for long periods of time, you WILL WANT to "Pull PWD Rank" AND you WILL BE FORCED to "Pull PWD Rank" because of the SEVERE pain that you are in if you are NOT using any assistive mobility devices. I am a NORMAL person who just so happen to have Disabilities even though I have been FORCED to "Pull PWD Rank" at various times.
    To susie lou: The reason why is to let people know that I am an actual legitimate PWD and that I am not a member of the A-DPW (Admirers, Devotees, Pretenders, Wannabes) Community. The A-DPW Community are FAKE / PRETEND PWDs that pretend to be PWDs and that also try to pass themselves as actual legitimate PWDs. And yes, I am extremely proud that me and my only child are Disabled PWDs due to the "Disability Pride Movement" within the PWD Community.
    To susie lou: I am not Mentally Disabled due to the fact that I have medical training and I lacked 1/2 of a point in making the Dean's Honor List in college but I was on the 1st Honor List at college.
    To susie lou: Another reason why I put what I do in all my postings is to raise awareness about Ectodermal Dysplasias Syndromes (EDS).

    • ANSWER:
      I wrote that comment because I have often come across non-disabled people being jealous of people with disabilities. They are usually not jealous of the actual disability, but of certain things that some people with disabilities can get, like accommodations, assistance etc. In nearly all cases the jealous people would not want the disability that comes with those accommodations, they just want them as privileges and often just think of them as nice extra privileges rather than accommodations that are necessary to provide equal access for people with disabilities.

      Below are some examples of things that I've often seen non-disabled people get jealous of people with disabilities over. I have seen people get jealous of people with disabilities for other reasons, but the examples below are the most common ones I've seen.

      - Disabled parking spaces. Some non-disabled people think it's neat to get to park close to the entrance and have a wide space and to "always" have an empty, perfectly located space waiting for you. What they don't usually fully comprehend is that the space needs to be wide so that people with disabilities can get in and out of their car (the space may feel wide when an able-body gets out of a regular car, but it doesn't always feel that wide when a wheelchair user gets out of their converted van, or when a parent gets out of the car and has to take out a wheelchair and move their disabled child from the car seat to a wheelchair etc.), and that they need to be close to the entrance for both safety reasons and because certain disabilities make it hard to go long distances. They also don't realize that sometimes people with disabilities have to wait for a space, often while someone is illegally parked in the disabled space, and are not able to use any other parking spaces and need to wait for that particular one to become vacant. People notice the disabled spaces when they are empty because they stick out, but they don't notice them as much when they are full.

      - SSI/SSDI and other similar financial assistance. Some people are jealous that some people with disabilities don't have to work and just get "free money". What they don't always realize is that this "free money" is barely enough to live on and that it keeps you in poverty and leaves you with practically no legal way of increasing your income. They also don't always realize that some people literally cannot work even if they want to and that they would give anything to be able to work like everyone else. And of course while some people are jealous of this "free money", practically none want the disabling disabilities that make people qualify for this assistance.

      - "Free time". Some people are jealous of all the "free time" people on SSI/SSDI have for not having to go to work every day. They imagine that they get to have fun all day long and do a lot of fun stuff and go where they want to and do whatever they want to, since they have plenty of spare time. They don't realize that in many cases people with disabilities are unable to go out, be active and have all that fun, either because of the limitations their disability or lack of disability access puts on them or because their income is so meager that they simply cannot afford to do much. They also don't realize that with certain disabilities, many basic daily tasks can take a lot longer to do and that many people with disabilities need to spend a lot of time on medical treatment, therapy, rehabilitation and such, so all things considered, the person may not really have as much spare time as one might think.

      - Financial assistance for buying a car, mobility devices or other assisting devices or for medical bills and other extra costs related to disabilities. Again, people just see the "free money" and not what it needs to be spent on and how being without those things would impact the person's life.

      - Disabled toilets. People think it's comfortable to have a large toilet stall where you can easily move around, where there is plenty of space to put your stuff while you do your thing etc. and which is often cleaner than the regular stalls and for which you may not have to wait in line for. They rarely think of how this space may not feel so big for a person who is in a wheelchair or uses a walker or has to have an aide in there assisting them. They rarely know what the grab bars are for and how important they are for people with various types of disabilities.

      - Not having to wait in line (for example at amusement parks or other places where lines can get very long). Many people think it's convenient and a privilege to get to jump to the front of the line and not wait like others. What they don't understand is that certain disabilities make it practically impossible for the person to wait in such long lines and still get the chance to actually enjoy the ride or use the service like others. Some people are overwhelmed with pain, exhaustion, fatigue, sensory issues etc. by the time their turn comes if they wait in line like everyone else.

      - Electric scooters in places like supermarkets. Some people think they are fun and convenient for not having to spend energy on walking around the shop or standing in line. They rarely think of or understand that for the people who need those scooters they can be a deciding factor in whether the person is able to shop there like everyone else. They're not just a fun thing to drive around, they are a necessary mobility device for people whose mobility is limited due to disabilities.

      - Discounts and reserved seats in public transport. Many people don't know or understand why people with disabilities can get a lower fare in public transport. And many people think it would be nice to have a seat reserved for them and not have to stand on public transport. What not so many of them think of is how it can be dangerous, difficult or impossible for certain people with disabilities to use public transport if they can't get a seat.

      - Accommodations in exams. Non-disabled students are often jealous of the extra time that some students with disabilities get in exams. Students in general wish they had more time on tests and they think it's convenient to get extra time. They don't always understand that the reason why some students with disabilities get the extra time is because their disability slows them down substantially, so this extra time is not just some nice extra time to read over things one more time or add some extra details to improve their answers, but time that the disabled students literally need to be able to finish the exam. Non-disabled students sometimes get jealous of other accommodations too, like when a student with disabilities gets to answer the exam on a computer while other students have to handwrite their answers, or when a student gets to take more breaks than is generally allowed in the exams.

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