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The Gift of Mobility - Free Power Wheelchairs

There are many organizations that offer free power wheelchairs and assistive devices such as hospital beds, lift chairs, walkers and other medical equipment.Here are a few:

MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association)accepts wheelchair donations, which they refurbish and offer at no cost to persons in need.

Orphaned Wheelchairs and The Wheelchair Foundation
The Wheelchair Foundation has partnered with Orphaned Wheelchairs to deliver wheelchairs to people in the United States. Orphaned Wheelchairs takes donations of new and used wheelchair equipment, identifies recipients in the USA, and distributes the wheelchair equipment to those in need. Included are free power wheelchairs

Special Kids Fund
Special Kids Fund is an all 00004000 iance of schools, hospitals, and social service organizations that provide for the special needs of children with disabilities and at-risk youth. Through the Special Kids Fund Vehicles for the Disabled Program, donated wheelchair vans and vehicles are given to physically disabled persons who are not able to afford them. This includes traditional and powered wheelchairs.

The Senior Wheels USA Program
This program makes available power (electric) wheelchairs to seniors (age 65 and up) and the permanently disabled at no cost to the recipient, if they qualify. Power wheelchairs are provided to those who cannot walk and cannot self-propel a manual wheelchair, and who meet the additional guidelines of the program.

The Wheelchair Project
The site offers an inventory list of all available wheelchairs - both manual and powered. They do not put a price on the chairs, only ask that you either pick up or arrange for delivery.

If you plan on getting a power wheelchair through Medicare or your own private insurance, it is important to notethatMedicare and most private insurers will cover between 50% and 80% of the allowable price for power chairs for those who are eligible.The amount that your insurance company pays will depend in part on the type of mobility chair you require and the state in which you live. Be sure to do your homework, and beware of anyone who knocks on your door or approaches you on the street and offers to take you to a physician to get a free power wheelchair or scooter. Legitimate providers do not do that. Instead, they prefer to work with your existing physician. Avoid anyone who will not allow you to use your own physician and insists that you go to theirs.

It is possible to find free power wheelchairs if you are realistic about what is available. Regaining your mobility and independence is definitely worth the research!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what do you think of the condem cuts for jobless disabled?
    The ConDems caused outrage yesterday by secretly cutting funding for the disabled to get free walking sticks, wheelchairs and hearing aids.
    New Department of Work and Pensions rules mean disabled people seeking work will not be able to get the equipment paid for by the state.

    • ANSWER:
      It's like all these cuts Mac. It all sounds okay until it affects people personally, or their loved ones. It's the 1st I heard of this, but I should think it could affect millions of people and actually not save very much money in the long run. It will only succeed in making more people's life miserable. I know we're skint, but we should at least try to ensure that basic things like walking sticks, wheelchairs and hearing aids should be made both freely and widely available to those that need them.

      Those bloody bankers and rich fat cat tax dodgers, it's about time they were made to pay something back, then these cuts might not be needed.

    I am disabled in a wheelchair on a fixed income with an Acer laptop. Is there free wireless internet access?
    What is the best way to get free wireless internet access, whether it's ad supported or whatever, simply a free ISP for my laptop. I am basically stuck at home in a bed with my disability, low income and really need some advice from anyone kind enough to take a moment and help in any way. It's greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Philadelphia is just starting a city wide internet program where people that meet income requirements can get reduced fee internet services. Check to see if your city or area has a similiar program. Good luck!

    does anyone know where i can get help for my disabled sister that is in a wheelchair in need of a free ramp?
    my sister has MS and is in a wheelchair, she can't even get out of the house now, she can't go out to play with her 4 year old daughter, due to not having a ramp. if anyone can help me please let me know thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Call your local 2-1-1 telephone exchange and explain what you are looking for. There are charities in most areas that do that kind of work and the 2-1-1 operators usually can point you in the right direction.

    Free or cheap Computers for The disabled in RI?
    I am considered disabled (although not wheelchair bound or blind) and my computer is over ten years old. And I am in need of a new one but can't afford it based on my income from Social Security. Are there any companies or organizations that can help me to obtain a new computer?
    Sorry. Didn't mean to offend anyone. There must be some agency that can help? Please anyone. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Not in R.I. sorry. There are many states that do have programs.

      BTW - NO ONE is wheelchair bound. Wheelchairs provide freedom and we are not bound to them. Some chair users can still walk, and even those who can't still transfer from their chairs to bed even if they require assistance. The term is very offensive.

    who has heard of the Free Wheelchair Mission?
    i go to Orange Lutheran high school and for our senior project, we are doing a free wheelchair mission contest (free wheelchair mission gives out cost efficient wheel chairs to disabled people in third world countries). the class that raises the most money is supposed to get a cool prize. we want to raise enough money to send a full shipping thing out. each wheel is only a donation of 13 bucks, can you please look at this link and let me know of some ways i can get more people to donate? we only have 2 weeks left and right now were losing

    • ANSWER:

    How are disabled persons treated?
    How are disabled persons treated in Korea? Is getting around in Seoul with wheelchair easy?
    How about the barrier-free facilities and transportation for disabled people? Do you see often the people using wheelchair in the street as much as western countries?
    Is Korea friendly country for the disabled people?
    Thx AxisofOddity. However, I wonder why I didn't see many wheelchairs in the street in Seoul.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not certian on this one, but I have noticed that Korea doesn't seem as accessible as Canada to people with disabilites. Canada doesn't do a very good job either come to think of it.

      Many buildings in Korea (lower ones) don't have elevators. I never noticed buses for disabled people here. But I don't live in Seoul, I live in Jeju. I rarely see people in wheelchairs here, or at least not people commuting without a companion.

    Who’s going to Edgbaston for The Ashes 2009?
    I’ve already got my tickets for Day’s 1–4 and can’t wait!!

    If you’re a Barmy Army or Warwickshire member you can buy them now, if not you will have to wait. The Army has got a cunning plan up their sleeves involving t-shirts and as long as it all works, it’s going to look awesome! In addition, Edgbaston are the only ground (so far) who are allowing Billy ‘The Trumpet’ Cooper to play, so how could you miss that? If you do want to buy tickets, you need to act fast, over 20,000 tickets have already gone.

    Here are the prices per head for one day, incase you wanted to know:

    Members - £60.00
    Non Members - £75.00
    Junior - £20.00
    Junior in the Family Stand - £10.00
    Disabled - £20.00 (Wheelchair user only) with free helper.
    Disabled Junior - £7.50 (Wheelchair user only) with free helper.

    Now okay, the prices have increased a bit (back in 2005 they were only £42 if I remember correctly) however, to me not going to The Ashes is simply not an option. Plus, it’s much cheaper than what I spend going on abroad tours.

    So I was just wondering how many of your faces I’ll be seeing next year? Are any of you Australians coming over for a visit?

    And what do you think about the prices? Will the other grounds charge more, less or just as much?

    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      I will admit that £60/75 quid is a bit too much for a game of cricket and god only knows what they'll be charging for the London games. It will be difficult for a lot of people to afford those prices in the current climate. Not to mention that many won't actually get to follow the games because they'll be on Sky. I agree with The Oracle, the ECB have effectively whored out the rights to one of our biggest summer sports to a TV station that the majority don't have access to, which is highly unfair.

      But I will be going to one of the Ashes matches, it won't be the Edgbaston Test though, it'll probably one of the London ones (and it will actually cost me less traveling to London+ticket than it would for me to travel up north+hotel+ticket). I don't care how much it costs me to go, I'll bankrupt myself and max out my credit cards if I have to, like I did when I went to the Oval for the last home series lol. I'm already around £15,000 grand in debt because of student loans, what's another £180 quid on top of that for a couple of games of cricket! And like you, not going to an Ashes series isn't an option, I've been to the last few series, I might as well keep up the tradition.

    Where can I download First Steps (1985) TV movie for free pls?
    Hi everyone,

    Do you know where can I download First Steps (1985) TV movie) for free pls? I am asking this question because this movie gives me a lot of strength and courage knowing that I'm a physically disabled in a wheelchair. I would appreciate it very much, if there will be someone that would give me the direct link of where can I download the complete mentioned movie pls, thank you very much in advance.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mrs. Kerdagha.

    • ANSWER:
      Hope it can help you.

    Free help to condition bathroom for a disable person?
    Do you guys know of an organization or group that offers free or very low price help to remodel my bathroom to be wheelchair / handicap accessible? I am in TX and my wife became disable recently, she is unable to use her legs on and off depending of the flare ups of the MS and its difficult when she needs to use the bathroom or take showers since our bathroom is no handicap accessible...

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know whether Habitat for Humanity would be able to do it, but they might be networked in to some organization which can.

    By law must hotel shuttles accommodate disabled?
    If a hotel offers free shuttle service to local attractions, are they required to accommodate someone in a wheelchair who cannot physically get into the shuttle? For example, would they be required to call and pay for an accessible taxi for the person? Or would the handicap person just have to deal with it and find their own way? Any answers are appreciated, but especially if you know anything about disability law. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      By law, they are not required unless it was part of a hotel package. The hotel only has to offer handicap accessible entrances to their hotels. Most things like this can be settled if you talk with the hotel managers. It is bad public relations if they refuse.

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