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Fifth Wheel for sale - A Resume with full detail to grab a place at your garage!!

There are so many people in the world who are handicapped and living on the artificial legs. These legs made everything for them as they can just live the normal life and also can make most of their work perfectly. So, in some cases attachments or the additional features can change the lives of people. The same principle is applied in the case of fifth wheel for sale. They are the most happening attachments with vital and wider facilities.

Definition of Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheels are the links between any of the goods or utility carrying vehicle and the attachment. This is one of the better facility provider fascinating vehicles. They are having the coupling pin or the King Pin to get attached with any of the vehicles like the Semi-trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Trucks, Semi-trucks and also the Tractor units!!

These Fifth Wheels are also accompanied heavily with the Recreational Vehicles as they have become of the undivided parts of the RVs. Some times they become quite efficient as they provide heavy utilities for the users to accept extra load and expand the capacities of the vehicle.

History of Fifth Wheel

The origin of the Fifth wheel is quite backdated around 1919 but they prove to be the slowest developed products as in the early days these told were produced for the trucks. Trucks were attached the most useful feature of utility with them but they were in all the traditional forms for more than 50 years. These Fifth Wheels were used to make the semi-trucks a full truck as they add the extra space and improve the carrying capacities of the vehicles.

1968 was the year when these coupling were attached and joined with the Recreational Vehicles and then, the development and the progress became the routine!! These developments were quite beneficial to people as they had the opportunity to have the longer journeys with the families along with heavy and loaded luggages!!

Advantages of Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheel is the cheaper option as compared to any of the new vehicles. Their cost per square feet is quite lesser than the cost of the Motorized RVs. If anyone is having the business of carrying and supplying the goods, he can save lot by using the Fifth Wheels compared to the buying of new RVs or anything else.

Another feature that attracts for the buying of Fifth Wheel is the Gooseneck. This is the raised neck section of the fifth wheelers and that is useful as it has got the overlap facilities that can shorten the overall length of the vehicle. These shorten length also can make the pulling of the vehicle easier and smoother!!

Another advantage of these vehicles is that thy provide ample choice for the insiders to stay in for four to six months longer as the goods carrying and storing capacities are increased to huge extent of the vehicle. So, they are truly the better choice to have the additional space!!

Disadvantages of Fifth Wheels

Fifth Wheel are the higher profile tool than the trailers, so they are better in normal situation but in the case of longer highways, the blowing becomes difficult and also the driving of the vehicle is not that easier in those times. Even in the case of storms, these vehicles are some what delicate than the trailers. Trailers are always stronger than the Fifth Wheels.

There are also the minor drawbacks that they can never be towed with the car and van, they can be attached only to the heavy vehicles and also the glamour and look of Class A Motorhomes is outrageous than these Fifth Wheels. So, even in the looks there is a better choice than these!!

About the author: Fifth Wheels For Sale by 5th Wheel dealers and Trader at RVs Junction.Trucks Fifth Wheel is used for making room for the goods and luggage's to adjust.5th Wheels, Used RVs, Motorhomes, Toy Haulers for sale at RV Junction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible for a government to legislate against discrimination without discriminating against another?
    part of the body politic?

    For example: By law a certain no. of parking places must be allocated for handicap depending on store traffic. If a store, say in a small strip mall, has 14 parking places and 2 handicap should happen to run a sale that recieves 3 handicap's vehicles. The extra handicap parks in one of the unmarked spaces. Now the general public is short one parking space. They have just been discriminated against.

    Now let us flip .the situation. All 14 parking places are full and another non-handicap vehicle arrives. Although 2 handicap parking spots are open, the vehicle cannot park there. They have just been discriminated against.

    • ANSWER:
      No it isn't possible.

    would monarch hand controls be compatible with a 1990 dodge grand caravan?
    I have an old 1990 dodge caravan van but it is in very good condition, sat in a garage most of its life.

    I need to install handicapped hand controls for a paralyzed driver in my family.

    I found a cheap set for sale used. They are
    Monarch Model 1-A handicap hand controls

    Before I buy them, how can I find out if they are compatible with my vehicle?
    What kind of bracket mounts would it need?

    This question is a long shot. If you don't know, it is ok. If you think you know of a website or something where I could look it up, let me know. Or even the phone number to a dealer or company I could call and ask questions? I called my local dodge dealer and they said they had no idea. I called my local health care medical supply company, and they said they would only help me if I buy controls from them. My mechanic doesn't know either.

    Any clue where I would begin even looking for the answer?

    • ANSWER:
      A local mobility needs provider/installer should be able to order the correct brackets for you if they're different for your application. Might consider letting them install it for you also so you know it's done correctly. I'd expect about 0 for brackets and labor to install them, but that's just a guess.

      Many dealers (especially smaller ones) don't have any dealings with mobility installations, and haven't got a clue about them since they just don't get that kind of request very often.

      The best thing to do would be to look in your local phone book for listings under the category "Persons With Disabilities Assistance Services " and call a few of those places. If the only one listed is the place you already called, do a search for other local cities to find someone else.

      An online search for "MPS Monarch Mark 1-A" pulls up all kinds of places who sell them. Could add your city and/or state to possibly get local results.

      Might also consider getting a Bruno pivoting seat, those things are great for getting in and out. No idea on the price, though.

    Wal Mart has a new policy preventing the disabled from using their homemaking services to do their shopping?
    In violation the the U. S. Department opf Justice policy and the provisions the the ADA Section III Access to public places. If a store provides goods and services to the public they are subject to the provisions protecting the disabled under the ADA. The act protects the disabled from store owners who us policy as a means of preventing shoppers access to the goods and services offered for sale and that prevents access to the facilities where the goods and services are sold. To deny a check written to the store by a homebound and disabled person is the same as placing a blockade in the entrance preventing a person in a wheel chair from entering the building or preventing a handicapped access vehicle from parking in a handicapped access parking space.

    How can any business large or small implement policy without federal government approval that is violation of for the laws protecting a protected class of citizens? Why would they want to prevent access to approximately 20% of their b

    • ANSWER:
      Having a policy against accepting a check from someone other than the maker is not a violation of ADA. Having a policy requiring the maker of a check to show identification is not a violation of ADA. The law doesn't specifically say that such policies are a violation and no court will go along with your interpretation. So if you want the ADA to prohibit those policies, write to congress.

    What is the best way for me to get out of debt?
    My husband is 65. I am 45. We owned our own business and sold it Sept. 2008. I gave all info. to my bookkeeper re:sell of bus. when our acct. did our taxes. She called me on April 14 and told me that we owed IRS appx. ,0000. I filed extension and got new CPA, he thinks he can get it down to ,000. We got lump sum down, paid off Bills associated w/ Business and many personal. We now receive a monthly pymnt., interest, of about 00 mo. We bought our land from friend privately in 2001 for ,0000. We now only owe ,000 on that. Pymnt. is 0 month. My mother-in-law bought us a 4 bdr. Modular in 2003. She had dementia and did not want to go into home. We subsequently got a Home Equity Loan for about ,000 to build deck w/handicap access and 2car garage and purchase items for home. The home is probably now worth appx. 0,000. We own one vehicle. I cannot find job in this area. My mother-in law is gone now, so it's myself, my husband, my two daughters aged 16 & 20. 20 yr old contributes financially and pays her way. I allowed my husband to move his son (age 46), and his grandson(age 12). They do not contribute. He is recovering from knee surgery and I told him he can stay until Sep.1st. We have been unable to pay our monthly expenses. I was working for a few months & made appx. 0 supplemental income.We are more behind every month and it's been one year. In 2012 we will receive 0,000. Final pymnt on sale of business. Our credit card debt is appx. ,000. We were turned down on increasing home equity loan, because credit is ruined due to inability to pay . My husband keeps saying "Let's do a reverse mortgage" I am too young and I am against this for other reasons. #1 I would have to take name off home, Penalties, and I told my husband I would prefer to sell home deal w/ bills and IRS, and we could downsize till 2012. New owners of our business offered to pay us 5,000 now on sale . I don't want to take less for business. I think our biggest prob. is too much baggage. I told my hub we should sell, get out of debt, travel around to see where we would like to relocate. Put money down on smaller place, for me him, and 16yr old. I would rather help my daughter get out on her own, and especially his 48yr old son. I think we could make it. He keeps saying where will we live... I say "If his mother had not lived w/ us & bought Home we would have moved on. " I told him reverse mortgage not right move, I'd rather sell. Our power bill here is 0mo in winter & 0mo in summer. I am younger and not ready to retire and everyone in this smalll town thinks because we owned our businesswe are rich. I don't think I could buy a job here. Help? Any Advice?

    • ANSWER:
      Start a new business in your new town. You, husband, 16 year old, 20 year old can all work. You need low start up cost like zero so something like an in home daycare or a assisted for the elderly since you have the place ready for wheel chairs.

      Maybe turn the garage into family space for your kids and use the extra 3 bedrooms for assisted living space. If you can't get assisted living licensing you could rent out the extra rooms.

      Can you start the same kind of business you had before?

    Is it likely that I will win this case in small claims?
    I bought a used car from a private seller with a title and bill of sale but at the DMV I was informed that the vehicle didn't belong to the guy who sold it to me. He bought the car from someone else but didn't register it in his name. I filled out the small claims papers and just need to send them in now. I was trying to offer to pay his registration fee so I can drive the car but he's not returning phone calls. To top everything off, the car won't start now since I parked it and I'm just looking for my money back. Also will the court give him the right to blow off the judgment and not pay me?

    I paid 0 for the car and it is a big deal to me since I'm waiting to leave to the Army, have no other money or a job, and was planning on leaving the car for my mom and handicapped sister to ride in. (So no tough guys with smart a** answers please.)
    The whole point of me saying that the car won't start is just to show that I don't want to try to fight to register the car just to throw money into it. I'm not looking for extra money because the car doesn't start. I'm looking to return the car for 0 because it was an illegal sale. I also looked the guy up on ccap, where you can find public records, and the guy has 30 criminal and misdemeanor records in the past 10 years adding up to over ,000.

    • ANSWER:
      You should win this case. If he never registered the car in his name it is an illegal sale. He can not sell property that does not belong to him. When he sells a vehicle he is required to give a CLEAR title to the vehicle.

      You would ask the court to "rescind" the sale. That means you give the car back to him, and he will refund your money. The legal argument you use is the "Principle of Merchantability". That means when you buy something you have a reasonable expectation of being able to use the item. Without a CLEAR title you can not register the car and use it.

      While it is true that most private sales are "as-is" you can not argue that the car won't run. You should have had a mechanic inspect the car before buying it, but if he did not register the car in his name he made an illegal sale , and that is rescindable.

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