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Best Way To Purchase Mobility Scooters Used

Mobility scooters are used by individuals who do not have the ability to move around their home. These motorized wheelchairs are easy to use and constructed in a such a way to make them great for outdoor use. For some people though purchasing one is pricey and they are not able to.

Not all insurance companies will manage the cost of a brand new mobility scooter. Due to this individuals will need to make the difficult decision of purchasing one new or used. It can be difficult to buy new mobility scooters - but even tougher when you decide to find a model that is second hand. But it is possible.

You are able get a second hand mobility scooter is online or through a person in your area. It is more prudential to buy from someone in your region because it will give you the chance to check it out and make sure that it is in good condition. You don't need to waste your money on a mobility scooter that does not run or may only last for a couple of months.

You will want to collect as much data as you can on the model you are interested in. Ask them for the year that it was built, the producer, and all of the features that it provides. These details are profound because they will assist you to discover whether the model is still being made. Many individuals will purchase a used mobility scooter and when a part breaks they will find out that it cannot be fixed because the manufacturer does not produce it anymore.

Mobility scooter parts are crucial and you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on something that can never be mended. Make a point to test drive the scooter. Also see how clean and well maintained it is. This will determine how long the scooter will be around after you have purchased it.

Don't let yourself get swindled into paying twice the worth of used mobility scooters. Compare prices for the same used mobility scooter model and determine how much it is worth. The price of models can be as low as 0 or as high as ,500.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    where can I find a free or cheap wheelchair?
    my mom broke her hip and temporarily needs a wheelchair, the problem is they are very very expensive. I am looking for a cheap or free, new or used wheelchair to help her get around. I live in the Greater Seattle area.

    • ANSWER:
      call your local salvation army or any other charity orgenazation in your local area ..... you can find them in the phone book.. good luck

    Looking for an outdoor venue in Laguna Beach?
    I run a 501(c)3 Public Charity that collects used wheelchairs, repairs and refurbishes them, and then gives those wheelchairs, free of charge, to people who need but cannot afford them.

    We are planning a fundraiser for the end of May and need an outdoor venue where we can have live music and wheelchair races.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Call Laguna Beach city Hall to get Permits

      Huntington Beach or San Clemente might be better suited

    free wheelchairs to train on for london marathon?
    does anyone know where i can find two free wheelchairs to train on and too use for the london marathon next year.
    any places or websites i can get two from (for free)
    ive emailed my local hospital but im not sure they will help me
    pleeease help me

    • ANSWER:
      The wheelchair users at the marathon are people that are already in wheelchairs for physical needs. To enter that stage you would need to already be wheelchair dependent.

      Why not take a look at the relevant sites for disabled sports people and have a good search and look to see where the racing wheelchairs actually come from. They are not the type that are issued by your local hospital but highly specialised lightweight kit.

    How are disabled persons treated?
    How are disabled persons treated in Korea? Is getting around in Seoul with wheelchair easy?
    How about the barrier-free facilities and transportation for disabled people? Do you see often the people using wheelchair in the street as much as western countries?
    Is Korea friendly country for the disabled people?
    Thx AxisofOddity. However, I wonder why I didn't see many wheelchairs in the street in Seoul.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not certian on this one, but I have noticed that Korea doesn't seem as accessible as Canada to people with disabilites. Canada doesn't do a very good job either come to think of it.

      Many buildings in Korea (lower ones) don't have elevators. I never noticed buses for disabled people here. But I don't live in Seoul, I live in Jeju. I rarely see people in wheelchairs here, or at least not people commuting without a companion.

    What web sites could tell me how much money is actually used for charity and how much is used for expenses?
    I am doing a research on how much $ is actually used towards the needs and how much is spent for corprate in many charities. An example: MDA, Easter Seals, MS, Crusade for Children, Make a Wish Foundation... I know many times there is more money spent in corprate than in trying to find a cure. In my life MDA has not been of much assistance to a nephew besides offering his a free medical exam once a month. Its first come first serve basis and the kids are required to wait. They offer no help in wheelchairs, breathing machines or lifts. I am to persuade my audience...where to donate their money.

    • ANSWER:

      Took 15 seconds on Google to find that (ahem).

    I need the legal case law allowing for Discovery to take place discovery evidence.?
    I am defending myself in a case of identiy theft on a debt I am being prosecuted for that goes back several years. I write my own motions and give my own arguments. I do this because I am disabled in a wheelchair on a small pension and poor. The judge denied my first request for discovery of the evidence. I think he is looking for a more elegant request with the legal/intellectual precedants involved in discovery. Can anyone help me. I have searched the internet up and down and cannot even find an online legal-library that is free to use.

    • ANSWER:
      go to the public library ask a librarian for help
      or go to an academic library and use their resources ( you may not be able to check out the books thou)
      or check out the LAW SOCIETies in your area.
      sometimes they offer free consultation (( for a limited time period)) and ask a lawyer to review your stuff.....

      that's all i can think of

    jets/giants stadium tickets?
    I was told by a former friend that he gets free tickets because he uses a wheelchair. at some point there was a lawsuit because there was no wheelchair access.....teh settelment included free tickets for any wheelchair user that asked..

    who do I contact about getting tickets

    it's not the regular box office

    i cannot speak to teh former friend--there is a good reason why we are no longer friends
    I do not have time to navigate through countelss menus to find teh right person to ask--that is why I am asking here--

    WHO AT THE STADIUM do I call...
    i do have an email in--but am waiting for an answer...
    the person who wants the tickets is a full time chair user

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there is a list you can get on. I don't even know if you can get it thru the stadium. They send you 1 or 2 tix a year , thats what I get for the Giants anyway. Don't know about the Jets.
      After you sign up once you don't have to sign up again they just send them to you. I don't have the info because I signed up a long time ago, I won't get anything from them until its closer to the season. I'll try and see if I can find the address or number. You have to prove you are in a wheelchair not just disabled I think. Are you in a chair?

    I rebuild and repair wheelchairs for anyone who needs one,?
    I want to know if anyone has an old wheelchair or walker that they wish to donate to a good cause, not someone who will re-sell it I give them away free, once they have been repaired or rebuilt, I have never charged for this and never will, I just want to know if there are any chairs out there that are just taking up space and in the way, Would you give them to me to give to someone who could really use it? I tahnk you all for your time and efforts, Stephan K.
    I live in Anna, Texas, And I do repair and rebuild wheelchairs for people without insurance who cannot aford to buy on on their own, I have been doing so for the last two years and I have never sold anything that has been donated and I never will, I am doing this because rather than sitting in my own wheelchair and having a pitty party for myself I have decided to give back to the community of DFW and as many of the surrounding cities as possible, I have never taken one red cent, most of the parts I have bought myself at thrift stores and Yard sales, I have been blessed with two good hands ans a brain, just because my legs do not work doesn't mean my world has ended, so I ask again, do you have any mobility aid taking up space in a closet, garage or attic, storage shed, outside in the yard, it doesn't matter what shape they are in I can use the parts, and this year I am starting a Non-Profit Organization, dedicated to just what I am doing now. any questions?

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds great but how do I know it's legit? I have two but will probably donate them myself so I know that they will go to who needs them.

    THIS MAN MAKES OVER 100 MILLION A YEAR IN HIS FRAUD AND SCAM MINISTRY!! DO YOU THINK HE GETS CRIPPLES OUT OF WHEELCHAIRS? HEALS CANCERS LIKE HE CLAIMS? OR IS ANOTHER FRUAD USING TAX FREE DONATIONS TO LIVE HIGH LIFE? how can americans be so blind to these liars and frauds? he went on this program to take some heat and criticism off him for being a scam artist!

    • ANSWER:

      Plus how can you be so BLIND that no one really believes these people that lie? Its that obvious we know that their lying. So stop.

    Does Anyone know of an agency that helps people to widen doorways in homes for free.?
    For the State of Michigan. Does anyone know of an agency that helps home owners enlarge doorways to accomodate wheelchairs.....put in exterior ramps? I know a couple trying to get his companys can't help.....they need this done and could also use a carport.
    Anyone with any ideas, please offer suggestions. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I would check with MSHDA or USDA.

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